• Industry Sector Specific Freight; Sensitive and Vulnerable Cargo, Dangerous Cargo
  • Project Cargo small to medium size
  • Bulk loading, dry, mined, with full agent requirements from Door to Port of Discharge
  • Africa Specialised Freight Management
  • Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearing Door to Door
About Us

A service and results driven logistics company aimed at achieving the clients need for delivery regardless of the challenges.

The company was conceived in 2008 and set into motion in 2010 as South Africa entered a new era on the African continent so did Blu Freight. The company has a combined experience of 15 years in freight & logistics

Blu Logistics partners with one of the largest and strongest freight forwarders in the world when it requires the extra strength or proceeds through its own unique vehicle to achieve its clients required goals and deliverables       

Blu Air, Sea and Land Logistics has chosen its color and logo to represent the sustainable interaction between human kind and the planet, the two triangles represent the bawe of a ship and the tail fin of an aircraft. The color of blue for air & water & green for land. Blu logistics embraces being socially cognisant of ecological principles of the environment in its day to day operations and business practices        


Blu Logistics deliverables are achieved by a strong combination of robust and direct engagement with the client to understand the expectation of the client in a commonly agreed picture.

The same communication is made with our suppliers, which we are dependant on to supply our service. We have clearly defined service levels.
We achieve our outcome through a process of streamlined, effective and efficient standards of service delivery from our staff and suppliers.

We are able to execute our deliverables through our dynamic, independent and flexible attitude to the requirements of the client and freight dynamic.

We approach the deliverable in freight with the attitude that the cargo must be delivered, collected, achieved without fail. Whilst operating with honest, loyal, ethical and environmentally consciousness parameters.                  

  • Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearing Door to Door
  • World wide freight forwarding network.
  • Logistics Consulting on Shipping; Air, sea and land movements.
  • Customs documentation requirements and SAPS documentation requirements.
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Stefano Piller

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Company Info

Air Sea & Land Logistics (pty)Ltd

Geodis Wilson Building 1st Floor
28 Pomona road
Johannesburg, South Africa

Web : www.blulog.co.za

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